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Regrow your own veggies/fruits

You always have these salad or carrot or beet stems, or even pineapple tops, avocado seeds or garlic that you just throw away? Guess what, there is a cooler way to use them. When you put these stems in water and nourish them a bit, you can give them a whole new life, plus add some beautiful decor in your home.

Generally, when you have a veggie or fruit 'scrap', take a bowl or glass or plate, fill it up with water, and put your stem in there, so it’s submerged. Depending on what you regrow, some need to ‘float’ in the water and need space for regrowing roots, some can be on a plate and ‘touch the ground’ as the leaves will regrow at the top. Sometimes even both regrows!

How to take care of it? Put it in a not too dark place with good air, change the water every couple of days and be excited when you see the first new leaves or roots (depending on what you regrow) coming from your veggie or fruit ‘scrap’ ;)). When leaves are regrowing, you can harvest your own little produce when ready, and when the roots are growing, you can transfer it into a pot of soil and you’ll have a new plant!

Keep in mind, with regrowing, we don’t mean you will actually regrow your carrot from the stem by just submerging it in the water. That’s not going to happen. But what will grow is the carrot greens, with which you can make awesome salads or pesto or add it to soups, etc.

What we have regrown so far:

...grow the leaves: carrots, beets, lettuce, bok choy, celery, cabbage, fennel

...grow the roots: pineapple, avocado

...both: garlic, green onions

There are SO many veggies and fruits that you can give a new life and have fun with and experiment, instead of throwing it away!


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