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Ice-bath your wilting veggies/fruits

You know when you bought kale and a day later it already looks old, is wilted and just not fresh-looking anymore? That’s annoying, right! But guess what? Here is a simple thing, a little hack, you can do to make it look AND feel refreshed and rejuvenated and as good as new again.

What you do is: take a bowl, fill it with ice cold water, maybe add some ice cubes, and put your wilting veggies or fruits into the water for a few minutes. You basically ‘shock’ them into shape and bring them back to life again and bring back that crunch.

You can do that with any leafy greens, like we said kale, but also lettuce, spinach, collards, etc. as well as carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, and a lot more! We also tried it with strawberries and blueberries and it worked wonders! Honestly, just try it out with whatever wilting veggie or fruit you have, either it works or it doesn’t;) The good thing is, nothing really can go wrong with this and if it doesn’t rejuvenate your veggie/fruit then you just gave it a good clean;)

Food waste is a very big problem in our society nowadays. Globally, around one-third of all food that is produced for human consumption gets wasted or lost (source: FAO). In the EU alone, every year approximately 88 million tonnes of food waste is generated with costs estimated at 143 billion euros (source: Fusions). WOW!

What many don’t know is that we as consumers are responsible for the majority of it, more than grocery stores and restaurants combined! That is unbelievable and sad, but here also lies our power: when we change our habits in our day-to-day life - each and everyone of us - we can have a huge impact and decrease food waste insanely!

Wasting food doesn’t only have a negative environmental impact, it also is unethical as well as brings up economic consequences.

So, one way is to taste before you waste, try that ice bath and help prevent throwing away fruits and veggies just because they don’t ‘look good’ anymore!


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