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Environmental destruction

#3 Why veganism makes sense - Stop supporting environmental destruction

A vegan diet protects the environment. How?

Floods, dying forests, heat waves - the effects of climate change can already be felt. What very few people know: our diet is responsible for a third of global greenhouse gas emissions. But it doesn’t have to be like that...a climate-friendly diet is colorful, varied and above all: plant-based.

Moreover, different factors - especially industrial agriculture and a high consumption of animal products - are endangering forest areas worldwide. Agriculture is responsible for around 80% of global deforestation, and the main reason is the high global demand for meat and dairy products.

A plant-based diet can help protect the world's forests and thus important ecosystems. Not consuming animal products, or at least reducing the consumption could not only make further deforestation for the production of food largely superfluous, but also significantly reduce the emissions arising from it.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the consumption of animal products is largely responsible for numerous global problems. There are many good reasons for eating a vegan diet: reducing animal suffering, protecting the environment, promoting global food justice and your own health, plus diving into a whole world of delicious food. And if you need inspiration for your vegan cuisine, you’re right here!

Go be a happea vegan:))

& be a voice for the voiceless


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