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Donate what you won’t use

Did you buy something that looked fantastic in the grocery store but now it’s already sitting on your shelf for a month and you’re like ‘I’m never gonna eat that’? Or you bought too much of one thing and now you can't smell it anymore? Don’t throw it away!

Food waste is a very big problem in our society nowadays. Globally, around one-third of all food that is produced for human consumption gets wasted or lost (source: FAO). In the EU alone, every year approximately 88 million tonnes of food waste is generated with costs estimated at 143 billion euros (source: Fusions). WHAT?!

What many don’t know is that we as consumers are responsible for the majority of it, more than grocery stores and restaurants combined! That is unbelievable and sad, but here also lies our power: when we change our habits in our day-to-day life - each and everyone of us - we can have a huge impact and decrease food waste insanely!

Wasting food doesn’t only have a negative environmental impact, it also is unethical as well as brings up economic consequences.

So, rather than letting your groceries go bad on your shelf or throwing it away, donate what you won’t use. There are people that would be so happy to take it! Food banks, homeless people, community fridges, charities, etc… there are many different places and options.

Help make the world a better place;)


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