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Buy in bulk and/or at package-free grocery stores

Unnecessary food packaging and over-packaging is everywhere. You see it all around you when shopping…the banana that is in a packaging wrap, or the pre-peeled orange that’s put in a packaging container just so the consumer doesn’t have the “work” of peeling anymore, or the single cucumber wrapped in packaging, or the multiple mini gummy bear packages in another big packaging, etc… You know what I’m talking about, right?

I often think then, if only nature would find a way to cover its produce, have a natural, biodegradable packaging of their own… well guess what, the banana or orange peel, the cucumber skin - these are the protections made by nature, great shells and ‘containers’! We don’t need the extra packaging made by humans.

And when it comes to pre-peeled, pre-portioned, pre-cut, or anything like that, do you really want to be part of this next-generation level of laziness?

Modern food packaging in one way is beneficial as it gives us a way to handle food safely, make it shelf-stable, keep it clean, etc., but it also has its disadvantages because most packaging is single-used and thrown away quickly. From polluting our waters to toxic byproducts of manufacturing to soil contamination and so much more…it’s literally contributing to destroying our planet.

Food packaging is a huge problem but it can be avoided or at least reduced. For instance, buying in bulk and/or at package-free grocery stores helps to reduce waste immensely!

When you need a lot of one thing, buy it all at once in a huge amount and one big container, so you won’t have multiple little ones. Or take your own containers, for example glass jars, to a package-free store and buy your groceries this way, without the packaging all together!

Either way you’re helping the environment - our planet, our home - as food packaging has enormous environmental impacts.


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