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A world full of taste

#5 Why veganism makes sense - A world full of taste

Taste and habit are crucial factors when choosing food.

Throughout our lives we develop certain eating habits and taste preferences and when people think about changing their eating habits, they sometimes fear losing foods they love.

A diet free of animal products is extremely versatile. The transition to more plant-based foods opens up a world of new and exciting culinary possibilities.

Through the increasing demand for vegan alternatives, for instance as the popularity of plant-based milk has skyrocketed, cruelty-free alternative products such as plant-based sausages or burgers or cheese are constantly being developed and it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish them from the animal "original"

- nowadays, there are SO many, endlessly, different vegan products, besides the already vegan food like fruits & veggies;).

It is becoming increasingly clear that the consumption of animal products is largely responsible for numerous global problems. There are many good reasons for eating a vegan diet: reducing animal suffering, protecting the environment, promoting global food justice and your own health, plus diving into a whole world of delicious food. And if you need inspiration for your vegan cuisine, you’re right here!

Go be a happea vegan:))

& be a voice for the voiceless


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