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Be fair

#2 Why veganism makes sense - Be fair

How can we allocate our resources in a way to create a fairer world with less hunger, less animal suffering and less environmental problems? Did you know? About 770 million people worldwide are malnourished - at the same time, almost 2 billion people are overweight.

The production of animal products is inefficient and contributes to the unfair distribution of food, while a vegan diet uses significantly fewer resources.

Intensive livestock farming uses about 1/3 of the world's grains and 2/3 of the world's soybean, corn, and barley crops. Feeding these crops to animals and then consuming meat and milk is less efficient in terms of land use, calorie, and protein intake than to eat them directly.

Not only world hunger is promoted with a diet containing animal products, agriculture uses around 70% of global freshwater for irrigating fields and for livestock farming. Plus, the growing demand for animal products requires developed countries to import hundreds of thousands of tons of animal feed from developing countries and more than half of the land needed to meet the EU's agricultural and forestry needs is outside Europe.

How is that fair?

It is becoming increasingly clear that the consumption of animal products is largely responsible for numerous global problems. There are many good reasons for eating a vegan diet: reducing animal suffering, protecting the environment, promoting global food justice and your own health, plus diving into a whole world of delicious food. And if you need inspiration for your vegan cuisine, you’re right here!

Go be a happea vegan:))

& be a voice for the voiceless


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