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Against animal suffering

#1 Why veganism makes sense - Stand up against animal suffering

Animals are such loving and caring creatures and feel things too! I think it’s cruel to take life away from a breathing, living being. The way humans treat animals in the meat, dairy and egg industry is insane! We know it, but choose to ignore it or don’t even want to listen to it in the first place… why?

In industrialized countries, every person eats thousands of animals in their lifetime - most of them come from factory farming. Try to see it from this perspective: for instance, pigs are one of the most intelligent animals - pork being the most consumed meat worldwide - the life and death of fattening pigs in factory farming remaining invisible to consumers…what’s wrong here?

For a long time, we were vegetarian and thought we helped protect animals, which to a certain degree we obviously did, until we looked behind the curtains of the dairy and egg industry and other industries where animal products are produced.

We saw what was going on, these poor animals being exploited, and asked ourselves, what is worse: a short awful life (meat industry) or a longer awful life (any other animal product industry).

Each and every single creature deserves to live free from suffering and harm. Animal agriculture is physical and intentional abuse towards animals!

Whether pigs, cows, chickens or fish, countless animals suffer from factory farming and industrial fishing. A vegan diet minimizes the number of animals that have to live under these conditions.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the consumption of animal products is largely responsible for numerous global problems. There are many good reasons for eating a vegan diet: reducing animal suffering, protecting the environment and promoting global food justice and your own health.

Go be a happea vegan:))

& be a voice for the voiceless


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