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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Welcome to Happea Vegans!
We are three sisters - Vivien, Isabel & Linn, and we love to create new vegan recipes together. We have been vegetarian our entire life and went vegan about two years ago, when we realized what negative effects animal products have on these poor animals, as well as on our health, our environment and humanity. It is so much fun to experiment and explore vegan cuisine and as we have already collected many delicious recipes, we want to share our experiences with YOU! 
For us, veganism is not just a diet, it's a lifestyle. We attempt to exclude all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty in our way of living. That's why we not only include recipes on our page but also recommend vegan, cruelty-free products outside the kitchen, share zero-waste life hacks, and much more. We hope you have fun exploring our website and find some inspiration for a vegan lifestyle! Make the switch to benefit yourself, and the entire planet!

We poured our love into this blog and really hope you like it! It's the first time we are doing a project like that.

Fact 1

We have always been vegetarian and made the switch to a vegan lifestyle a few years ago. 

Fact 2

We love being outside - whether it's hiking, swimming or just taking our dogs for a walk.

Fact 3

We all love dark chocolate and are a sucker for good vegan gelato, hihi!

Fact 4

We have two dogs, two rabbits, and one tiny cat who thinks he is the boss ;).

Fact 5

We kind of have a thing for plants and also grow some vegetables in our garden!

5 Random Facts about Us!

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